Ryan Garcia Weight Is Exactly How Much?

This article is about Ryan Garcia Weight & Ryan Garcia Weight Class

So, Let's discover the true weight of American boxer Ryan Garcia.

Ryan Garcia is a professional boxer who is recognized for knocking the majority of his competitors out in the initial two rounds. He has not yet been defeated. In 2016 he contracted to Golden Boy Promotions as a paid Gymshark sportsperson. After defeating Romero Duno in September 2019 and winning his WBC Silver lightweight title.

He is from Mexican origin and was born on the 8th of August 1998 in the town of Victorville within California. According to his nationality, he's American. Garcia however, prefers to be branded as an American Mexican. He would like his Latino heritage to be an integral part of his identity.

Ryan is considered one of the top boxers. Also, he is a well-known Californian TikTok party and a voice for youth. Garcia is known as a real warrior. Ryan is a role model for young people who have problems since he started by scratch when it came to his career in boxing.

So, Ryan Garcia Weight Is Exactly How Much?

 Ryan Garcia's athletic physique is well-maintained. As an athlete, he must be healthy and fit. He weighs 135 pounds (61 pounds). He has blonde eyes and hair.

Contrary to other fighters, Ryan Garcia is below the average height. He's 5'10” inches (1.78 meters) which permits him to compete in the lightweight division.

What is the weight class of Ryan Garcia?

Ryan Garcia competes in Super Featherweight and Lightweight divisions. The weight range is 126-130 lbs in super featherweight and 132lbs in the lightweight range. Garcia's weight class demands consistently losing weight. This is because fighters and boxers must comply with the rules prior to the fight.

In his brief career, he could claim several awards such as Junior Super Featherweight, WBC-NABO Super Featherweight and WBC-NABF Junior Super Lightweight as well as WBC Silver Lightweight.

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