DraftDashboard Reviews – Is This DFS Research Tool Worth It?

Draft Dashboard Reviews - The Best DFS Tool??

DraftDashboard Review

Draftdashboard Reviews : You may be like me and enjoy daily fantasy sports, but hate the preparation. It would be wonderful if there were a tool that could do the heavy lifting for you, such as gathering player statistics and researching them. This would allow you to focus on creating great lineups.

DFS research tools such as Draft Dashboard simplify player research by prioritizing and organizing the most relevant player information. You can focus your attention on quality lineups every week since most of the analysis has been done.

This DraftDashboard Review shows how the tool makes use of proprietary analytics as well as smart design elements in order to provide a seamless DFS research experience. You'll learn how to use their software to create winning lineups efficiently and effectively by the end.

Draft Dashboard compiles player data, trends and creates accurate player projections. The data is then integrated into an lineup optimization tool.

They make it easy to create productive, well-researched DFS lineups by using a simple, but elegant presentation style.

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Tool Suite

Many helpful tools and innovative options that will help you succeed in DFS.


It is easy to recognize value plays with the unique color-coded rating system.


You can speed up your line-building process by using quick and efficient analysis .


It's easy to try their services with a $1 Intro Rate and support for three major sporting events.


  • You can quickly adjust your optimized lineups, while still below the salary cap.
  • Research and player comparison make it easier to decide on your lineup.
  • The color-coded player system allows you to quickly identify low and high value plays .
  • The Sleepers' Tool makes finding diamonds in the rough easy ( high-reward, low-risk players).

Choosing the right tool for you

It is essential to remember that DFS software is and not will make you a DFS pro overnight. Effective DFS software should provide you with relevant projections and actionable metrics, which will make it easier to build lineups.

This is what Draft Dashboard reviews show. The tools are of great value to all DFS players  regardless of how much you play.

Support for the NFL and NBA (Baseball coming soon).


Draft Dashboard can be used to create unlimited lineups of the most favorite sports in the US.

DFS Army is a DFS platform that supports more sports. DFS Army supports Draft Dashboard, but they also offer tools for the PGA and NASCAR as well as eSports.

Draft Dashboard's UI is consistent across all sport, so you don’t have to learn the tools again when you switch sports. Draft Dashboard NFL interface is the most popular, but there are also options for other sports.

Integration with FanDuel and Draftkings, the largest DFS sites


DraftDashboard integrates with FanDuel and DraftKings, two of the largest DFS hosts. You will need to use a different tool if you use Yahoo, FanPicks or FantasyDraft.

FanDuel and DraftKings hold the largest share of the market, in fact. Draft Dashboard should suffice for most DFS players.

Draft Dashboard costs and promotional offers

Subscription fees can eat into your DFS profits. It is important to choose a tool that is affordable, yet allows you to explore the software .

Draft Dashboard allows you to use it for  30 days at $1 This will allow you to learn the software and also to use it in your contests to ensure it generates positive results. 

Draft Dashboard Promotions

Draft Dashboard also does offer a referral program to help you recoup your subscription fee.

Refer anyone to Draft Dashboard and you'll get 50% off their monthly fees . Refer two friends and you will get access to Draft Dashboard for free as long as they keep their membership. You can also recruit more friends to get some DFS cash each week.

You have no limit on how many referrals can you make. Make money by promoting Draft Dashboard. Their top affiliates earn more than $3,000 per month.

Useful Tools to Research & Build Winnable Lineups

Draft Dashboard's tools allow you to quickly and intuitively build lineups. The software allows you to analyze weekly slates starting at the highest level ( team-level statistics) and ending with player-specific statistics.

A collection of research tools that simplify the creation of lineups

Extensive research is the key to success in DFS. Draft Dashboard provides many useful tools that will streamline your player analysis, allowing you to build more lineups for more competitions.

Draft Dashboard recommends that you start every session at the Top Players This Week Tool. This interface lists the top weekly players based upon their Dash Rank.

A player's Dash Rank should be closer to 100 to increase their chances of producing a high fantasy points output. This algorithm takes into account several factors, including player match-ups as well as scoring history.

You can use position analysis to fill important roles on your roster

The Position Optimizer works in the same way as the Top Players tool but is, as you might expect, specific to a position. This interface is helpful if you are looking for the last roster spot and want to identify the best players with the highest potential and lowest salaries.

The Position Optimizer allows you to easily compare players. You can use the color coding scheme to identify a player’s potential and their opponent's strength.

The software centerpiece is the Draft Dashboard Optimizer 

A lineup optimizer is a must-have for any DFS tool. Draft Dashboard offers a great optimizer that has a few unique features that make it stand out.

Lineup creation is simplified with small but powerful usability features

The software will present you with a starting lineup of players, their salaries and Dash Rank after you have generated an optimized lineup. You can save your lineup, create more lineups and adjust it.

You can access important player metrics from the optimizer without having to leave it.

You can hover over the Dash Rank of a player to see all factors involved in calculating this metric. It's great that you can drill down without needing to access different interfaces. It is a time-saver.

Upgrades to players are faster than creating multiple lineups.

The Lineup Optimizer's best feature is its ability to make positional updates quickly. You can quickly evaluate players and make significant lineup upgrades in just a few mouse clicks

This is in contrast to other lineup optimizers that require you to generate many lineups and then manually go through each one until you find the one you like. Swapping out players is a faster way build lineups.

Draft Dashboard is a tool that will help you create a flawless lineup.


Draft Dashboard's Perfect Lineups tool is a great starting point for weekly DFS planning sessions. Similar to the Lineup Optimizer but with several “perfect” lineups to choose from.

The Perfect Lineups tool will allow you to browse multiple lineups rather than swapping out players. After you have identified a promising lineup, click the hyperlink “optimize this lineup” to send it to the Lineup Optimizer.

DFS Cheat Sheets Make it Quickly Possible to Identify the Top Players


Draft Dashboard's cheat sheet will help you identify locks, studs and good picks faster. These sheets can be used to help you do a mental check before roster locks lock.

Useful tools for creating high-performing lineups

Draft Dashboard's suite of tools can help you streamline your research. The Studs and Sleepers pages identify players who are worth looking at both ends.

The Draft Dashboard Optimizer allows you to use your analysis to create high-quality, productive lineups. The Perfect Lineups tool is a great option if you want to look at multiple lineups simultaneously.

Draft Dashboard is easy and intuitive


Draft Dashboard's color ranking system allows you to quickly assess players. This alone makes Draft Dashboard stand out from the rest. It is easy to move from player research to creating lineups. The user interface is responsive, which makes it look great on any device, tablet or smartphone.

Daily Fantasy Nerd costs a little more if you play multiple DFS games. Daily Fantasy Nerd costs less if you play a one-sport.

Tools to create and enter contest entries


It is crucial to be able to process information quickly, given the sheer number of players and stats that can affect any DFS slate. The best DFS players excel at creating lineups as well as managing their contests.

Draft Dashboard offers multiple interfaces for line-up building that can accommodate players with various research styles. If you play in large numbers, you will save significant time by being able to save multiple lines and export them to Draft Dashboard.

Great value, especially for multisport DFS players

Draft Dashboard is affordable at $39.95/month. This price is comparable to other DFS software packages. The tools for optimization and research are better compared to similar tools within the same price range.

This is a great deal if you participate in DFS contests across multiple sport. 

Draft Dashboard Reviews

Draft Dashboard reviews are mostly positive if you look at them. Sometimes, customers will complain that the tool is not working for them.

Not every DFS player will be successful. Daily fantasy has many losers. It is normal to see these kinds of complaints.

Is Draft Dashboard legit?

Draft Dashboard is a legit company. Draft Dashboard was founded in 2015, and it is still operating succesfully..

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