Liberty Biogas Generator Review – Is This Blueprint Legit?

liberty generator review                                                          Liberty Biogas Generator Review – Is This Blueprint Legit or a Scam? 

As the cost of electricity rises to alarming levels, there’s a whole new wave of people seeking alternative sources of energy and freedom from “the grid”. There’s also a whole new generation of products designed to help people get off the grid… or at least reduce their reliance upon Big Electricity and other utilities.

The Liberty Generator is part of this new generation, as it allows you to produce your own energy at home from scraps. Its creator, a farmer from Iowa named Abel Thomas, claims it give some pretty amazing results.

Naturally, such a life-changing product deserves a closer look! In this review, we set out to uncover everything there is to know about the Liberty Generator, and whether or not it’s a scam.

What is the Liberty Generator?

The Liberty Generator offers homeowners a way to generate their own power and reduce their utility bills by up to 90% and even more…or so they claim.

This is an intriguing concept for a lot of people…the idea that your electricity bill could be reduced, wiped out, or even that the electric company might be sending you a check every month instead of the other way around.

So, what exactly is it?

It’s a biogas digester, and if the claims are true, you can make it yourself in under a few hours at home for less than $200 ($30 in comes cases).

What Exactly Do You Get When You Purchase This Product?

Let’s get one thing clear: The product we’re reviewing is plans for a biogas generator. This is Do It Yourself. What you’re getting is the following:

  1. A video guide to making your own generator
  2. A materials list- most of the stuff you might already have
  3. A copy of Abel Thomas’s blueprints & instructions
  4. Instant access to everything
  5. Lifetime 24/7 customer support
  6. 100% satisfaction guarantee: return in 60 days for immediate refund, no hassle, no questions asked
  7. Limited time discount: $49.95, then price goes back up to $97.99

Let me repeat: you are not going to get a box in the mail with an actual biogas generator inside. First, if you know anything about biogas digesters, you’d know that was impossible. It would be like expecting your home’s plumbing system to arrive in the mail!

What you are going to get is complete instructions on how to build your own from things you have around the house. If you don’t have these things, you can get them at a hardware store for anywhere from $30 to $200.

OK, So What’s a Biogas Digester?

A little digging revealed that these “inventions” have been around since ancient times. Actually, they’re still being used by people in Korea and The Philippines.

It’s basically a tank you can bury in your back yard. You feed it kitchen scraps, yard waste, and even animal waste through a tube and out comes “biogas“, which becomes your source of power in your home.

Inside the underground tank, there are healthy bacteria which break down the scraps you feed into the digester. They produce the biogas, which can be diverted directly into your home via a pipe, as if you were using propane gas to power your home. Connect it to your electricity utility and voila, your bills start getting smaller.

But does it work? 

Hundreds of years of people using this simple, ancient technology says yes, of course it works. That’s like asking if a windmill works. Or a dam. This is really simple stuff.

But does it generate enough power for my home? 

We were skeptical on this point, since that’s the number one complaint of people who install solar panels. They never seem to get enough power. With a biogas generator, it’s different. Solar energy is dependent on how much sun you get every day. Abel Thomas’s plans have nothing to do with the sun. The output is dependent on your input. Whenever you have yard waste, kitchen scraps, or animal waste, you have power. Some people even connect their sewage line for even more energy output!

But can I really build it myself? 

Yes, you can build it yourself. The instruction is simple and well-written, clear and easy to follow.

Nevertheless, this is an important question, since so many would-be alternative energy enthusiasts have been burned before with impossibly difficult solar energy kits. Those kits are really nothing more than a scam, since the technological expertise required to make them work is beyond the level of most people.

There are, however, just a few words of warning:

  • 1. The one thing they do fail to mention is that you’ll have to connect the generator to your home’s power system. This of course is not that simple and easy. Get a professional or a super-handy friend to help you connect your generator once you’ve built it.
  • 2. It’s less practical than they make it sound for urban environments- you must have a yard to put your generator in! Also it’s nice to have a yard so you have yard waste to power the generator.
  • 3. It may take you longer than a few hours to build it. The claim of 4 hours can be true for some people, but it all depends on how large you want yours to be. You see, the plans you get can be adapted to any size. If all you have is a tiny urban back yard, then you’ll be done in a few hours. If you have a huge yard and you want to power several buildings or a large family (or even a barn, as Abel Thomas does) then you’ll need a few days. That’s because you’ll be digging a huge hole!


The Verdict

As you can see, Abel Thomas is onto something big. Have a yard? Get the blueprints and start digging. This is the real thing. Just be sure to get a technically-competent friend to help you connect up, and plan for a little more time spent building your generator than advertised.

                                       Get The Liberty Generator Biogas Blueprint Now!

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